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Sarah Anne Wolkowski


Beginner Group Lessons (two to four students per class)

These 1 hour classes are designed for absolute beginners. Learning to play together is fun and cost effective. Students must own or rent their own saxophone to participate. All participants receive a free Nobcor Supreme Neck Strap at the first lesson. Classes take place on Saturday. Maximum class size: four students.


Beginner Alto Saxophone Class for Ages 10 and 11

Grade 7 Beginner Class for Alto Saxophonists

Grade 7 Beginner Class for Tenor Saxophonists

Saxophone Basics in 4 Lessons

Get started with the correct skills. Learn the basics of good saxophone playing in four 1.5 hour lessons. Sessions can be scheduled once or twice a week to quickly establish, then reinforce the right habits. We cover the following topics: embouchure, breathing, posture, the five stability points, positioning of the saxophone, finger placement, tonguing, articulation, as well as learning all keys on the instrument, and how to use them properly. Bad habits are hard to fix. Applying the most current pedagogical standards, we jumpstart the enjoyment and satisfaction you will get from playing the saxophone.

Weekly Appointment

Individual Instruction is the most efficient route to musical excellence and understanding. This stream of study is for students who love the saxophone and wish to further develop their potential. Enjoying a weekly musical experience cultivates a life-long aesthetic sensibility. Become the very best musician you can be: develop a universal and internationally recognized skill.

Lessons are 1 or 1.5 hours, once a week. After a free, 1 hour skills assessment, we will establish both short and long term goals. Progress reports are provided.

University Preparation

This stream is designed for students who wish to pursue music at the post secondary level. Intensive and goal-oriented, these university level lessons help students perform at their highest level of ability.

This program of study is individualized and adaptive: after a free, 1 hour skills assessment, a learning plan is established that will allow the student to meet his/her goals. Lessons are 1.5 or 2 hours, once or twice a week. The length and frequency of lessons is flexible. The timetable is adjusted to ensure a series of successful and well prepared auditions.

Once all the fundamentals of good saxophone playing are in place, we focus on preparing appropriate level material. In addition to scales and études, we prepare advanced repertoire for performance.

In addition to weekly lesson appointments, I help students and parents with a variety of tasks. These include: sourcing and selecting appropriate equipment, (mouthpiece, ligature, neck strap, saxophone) as well as required scores. I organize rehearsals with accompanists/collaborative pianists; and provide coaching to ensure this important aspect of musical training is nurtured.

Establishing a student-teacher-parent communication triangle, I keep you informed with frequent progress reports. As a team, we navigate the audition process for optimal results.

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