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"We absolutely highly recommend Sarah for private saxophone tutoring based upon our experience!

We met Sarah after days of intensive searching for the best private tutor for our son, Josh, who decided in October 2012 to pursue a university music education.  There was not a lot of time to bring his saxophone skills up to the level required to pass the auditions, which commenced in Feb 2013.  Sarah had four months to work with, a tall order given that Josh had only played sax in the high school band.  During the first meeting, Sarah performed an assessment of Josh's skill level and discussed with us a clear four month private lessons plan for him.

In subsequent lessons, Sarah provided a warm and conducive atmosphere not just to earn the trust of Josh, but also of us parents. She was also a good mentor. This proved very comforting during the very stressful audition process. Sarah assisted in assessing the piano accompanists whom we had to change three times due to conflicts in audition schedules.  Through these changes, Sarah was there during the first meetings with the pianists, to make sure the tempos were appropriate, and at the same time, gave Josh the opportunity to get comfortable with the accompanists.  From my perspective, these were the critical moments that made Sarah stand out as the best there is in this private tutoring service industry!

In the end, her plan and efforts proved very successful, as Josh received 5 Ontario university acceptances in the Bachelor of Music programs. Partly due to Sarah’s helpful recommendation, Josh recently became the recipient of the Streetsville MusicCorp Scholarship Award.

Even to this day, Sarah is in constant communication with us on Josh's progress post-audition, and she even helped us find and test a new saxophone that Josh will use for his studies at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Without Sarah's unbridled passion as an educator and her commitment to see her student succeed, Josh's saxophone skills would not have progressed to the levels they are at today.

Joseph Virey

“As a parent, I know exactly the question you are asking yourself: “Will pursuing advanced instruction in music ultimately prove useful and worthwhile for my child in some tangible way?”

I can answer you unequivocally from experience – YES it will!

Our eldest daughter Andrea has talents in many areas, and so early on in her high school band years we asked Sarah to tutor her in saxophone. What a great decision! It was such a wonderful and exciting feeling to see our daughter respond and swiftly soar to great heights with such an effective teacher and inspiring mentor. With Sarah’s help we saw her studying saxophone at a college level in France even before entering our University in a fine arts music programme. We witnessed intangible skills development like rigorous self-discipline and ferocious concentration become routine for Andrea, while having so much fun in the musical world! Our daughter’s career path ultimately led her to medicine and society now benefits from the skill of a well-rounded medical doctor with great appreciation for people and music!

I sincerely believe that my daughter’s career and life success has been enhanced by Sarah’s talent as a truly gifted music teacher. Your lucky child will unquestionably benefit from any time spent with Sarah!”

Rick Berendt (father of 6 and amateur saxophonist too)

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