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It is often said that in order to be universal, you must be specific. Learning to play an instrument is a unique skill that can lead to a greater understanding of our world, our humanity.

It requires kinesthetic, aural and visual skills, as well as a little heart. It's whole brain learning that's good for the soul.

Alessandra Crerar, David Evans

Music lessons develop:

• artistic sensibility

• cultural understanding

• the ability to communicate succinctly and with clarity

• listening skills

• critical thinking and analysis

• patience, discipline, persistence

Move from being a consumer to a producer, and develop a universally respected skill.

Listening to music is fun - but making your own is infinitely more enjoyable. Learning to play the saxophone is active music making at its best.

And it's all about you: your personality, your skills, your potential. Using the most up-to-date pedagogical ideas, we explore the world of music - what it can teach us, and how it values the whole person.

Let's begin!

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